Tuesday, 13 April 2010

Welcome to the Perspectives Production Blog!

Hey there, and welcome to the Perspectives Production Blog!

On this blog, we'll document the events in the making of our short film, Perspectives. We'll take you from pre-production, through filming, and into post-production. So please subscribe to this blog's RSS feed to get the latest updates about what's happening here. Once we've made the film it will be available on YouTube so you can see the product of our labour.

So, here's the lowdown on who's who in the making of Perspectives so far:

  • Theo is our main scriptwriter. He's helped think out plots and characters and is putting together the screenplay as I 'speak'.
  • Luke is our producer/co-director, and is currently helping Theo and me to write the screenplay. He has also helped us make decisions about the plot, camera angles and characters.
  • Will is, well - this is me. I'm the director and the director of photography. So far I've been co-writing the screenplay, and helping the others with characters and plot.
Check back here soon for posts about how the Perspectives project is coming along. They'll be written by Theo and Luke as well, along with the other people who get involved with the making of this short film.

So check back often for more updates!

~Will, Director 

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